Saturday, April 5, 2008

For ease of reference

Please to enjoy this handy list of recipes that have appeared on A Stove With A House Around It. Because lists are fun! And easy to use!
Happy cooking and bon appetit.


Apple and cheddar scones
Best buttermilk pancakes
Grilled bread with ricotta, honey and cinnamon
Indian tacos, breakfast-style
Truck-stop cinnamon rolls

Breakfast cookies
Caramel corn with pecans
Cheddar-Pecorino biscotti
Dilly beans
Dilly scapes
Egg rolls
Ful medames
German soft pretzel sticks
Graham crackers
Homemade soft pretzels
Marinated Pecorino
Mixed nuts with cumin and rosemary
Pecorino shortbread rounds
Quick dill pickle spears
Roasted olives
Roasted red peppers
Soft pretzels
Zatar crackers
Zatar-rolled feta

Cream of mushroom soup
Galician garbanzo soup
Hearty vegetarian chili
Italian wedding soup
Lentil, lemon and yogurt soup
Potato-leek soup
Roasted garlic soup
Sibling rivalry chicken noodle soup
Spiced chickpea and tomato soup
Spring onion soup with brioche croutons

Asian noodle salad with peanuts and mint
Black bean salad
Chickpea salad with cumin vinaigrette
Grilled tofu and green bean salad
Homegrown tomato salad with feta and cracked black pepper
Iceberg salad with brown-butter dressing, aka Ma Chris salad
Lanai salad
Lemony lima bean, chickpea and zucchini salad
Quinoa tabbouleh
Tomato and bread salad with ricotta

Brussels sprouts with lemon and pistachios
Caramelized onion and brie mashed potatoes
Cauliflower and fregula Sarda gratin
Couscous with cubanelles and fresh mozzarella
Fregula Sarda with roasted zucchini, ricotta salata and olives
Grilled corn on the cob
Moroccan mashed potato casserole
Multi-grain pilaf with almonds and feta
Potato latkes
Quinoa with caramelized onions
Red rice and young garlic pilaf
Roasted delicata squash half rounds with dukkah and tahini-yogurt sauce
Twice-baked cauliflower
Vinegared and grilled potatoes

An alternative red sauce, this one with meat
Arugula-almond pesto
Baja-style chicken tacos
Broccoli pesto
Cannelloni, straight up
Cavatappi with grilled chicken and radicchio
Chard and ricotta won tons with sage and brown butter
Chicken, black bean and goat cheese tostadas
Chicken breasts stuffed with goat cheese, caramelized leeks and thyme
Chicken divan
Chicken souvlaki
Chicken with artichokes, angel hair and toasted panko
Crispy chicken tacos
Crispy five-spice chicken
Cumin-dusted pasta
Deep-dish pizza
Deconstructed pesto lasagna
Fettuccine with zucchini blossoms
Garlic scape and goat cheese turkey burgers
Homemade meat pies
Larb chicken
Macaroni and cheese
Marinara (aka an alternate take on my roasted tomato marinara)
Mole poblano
Mrs. DiLorenzo's manicotti
Mustard chicken in phyllo
Orecchiette with kale, mozzarella, and chickpeas
Oregano baked chicken dinner
Palak paneer with saffron rice
Pan-fried tofu with spicy lemongrass sauce
Pasta della Bosca
Pasta e ceci
Pasta e ceci alla Romana
The pasta of the cattleman
Pasta with chicken, feta and spicy tomato sauce
Pasta with Sun Gold tomato sauce
Paula's brisket
Pizza Margherita and pizza with sage-walnut pesto and gorgonzola
Ramp and sausage risotto
Rigatoni with zucchini and goat cheese
Roast chicken with walnut sauce
Roasted tomato marinara
Spaghetti with escarole and a fried egg
Spaghetti with herbed turkey meatballs and pesto
Spaghetti with roasted broccoli and garlic scapes
Spinach lasagna
Spinach, mushroom and ricotta pie
Thai-style stir-fried noodles with chicken and broccolini, aka pad see ew
Tofu schnitzel
Tomato sauce di Piazza Sant'Eulalia
Tomato-water spaghetti
Turkey meatballs
Vegetarian (or not) "cassoulet"
Whole-wheat spaghetti with Meyer lemon, arugula and pistachios

Corn bread
French bread
French bread with olives and sage
Herb breadsticks
Jane Howard's phenomenal hot cross buns
Maple-stout bread

Anadama bread
Cinnamon buns
Cinnamon raisin walnut bread
Corn bread
Cranberry- (or strawberry-) walnut celebration bread
English muffins
French bread
Italian bread
Kaiser rolls
Lavash crackers and pita bread
Light wheat bread
Marble rye
Multigrain bread extraordinaire
Pain à l'Ancienne
Pain de Campagne 

Coffee liqueur barbecue sauce

Almond, pine nut and apricot crumb cake
American flag cake
ANZAC biscuits
Apple strudel
Ashkenazic Passover apple cake
Baci di ricotta
Banana bread with coconut and pecans
Blueberry-corn ice cream sundaes
Boston cream pie
Caramel cake with caramelized butter frosting
Chess pie
Chocolate-almond saltine toffee
Chocolate chip cake
Chocolate crinkles
Chocolate éclairs
Chocolate-mocha meringues
Chocolate Valentino
Chocolate zucchini muffins
Cinnamon ice cream
Cocoa blocks
Coconut-key lime pie
Cornmeal sandies
Cream wafers
Dark gingerbread pear cake
Double ginger cupcakes with lemon glaze
Fabulous filled cookies
Filbert gateau with praline buttercream
Fig-walnut pie
French yule log
Hard tack
Hello Dolly bars
Honey biscuits
Kazakh dried fruit pastries
Layered chocolate fudge cake
Leite's consummate chocolate chip cookies
Ligurian lemon cake
Love letters
Lovey's brownies
Luta's oatmeal cookies
Mallows (chocolate-covered marshmallow cookies)
Milan cookies
Pecan pie du sud
Pine nut cookies with rosemary
Plum and McIntosh tart
Pumpkin-chocolate-coconut cookies
Sephardic almond macaroons
Sesame butter cups
Spaghetti brownies
Tim Tam cheesecake
Toasted coconut chocolate chunk cookies
Ultimate soft and chewy chocolate chip cookies
Walnut and almond cake with orange-pomegranate compote
Walnut pound cake
Walnut shortbread
Zucchini whoopie pies

Homemade coffee liqueur
Luta's margaritas

Banana birthday treats
Crunchy peanut butter dog treats
Jet's carob crunchers
Turkey cookies